The Sentinel program is a sophisticated content evaluation system developed by COUPON CONNECT with the assistance of super computing and dynamic learning. The Sentinel was created to maintain an environment for all COUPON CONNECT subscribers that lives up to moral and ethical standards we can all agree on. 

These standards include but are not limited to the rejection of the following Coupon Connect actions: selling illegal drugs, amphetamines, weapons of mass destruction, indentured servitude, slavery, prostitution, hate crime, money laundering, promotion of bodily harm to others, bullying, hate speech, terrorism, religious persecution, human trafficking, extortion, sex trafficking, pornography, genocide and any other nefarious activities that harm adults, children and the human race at large. 

And just in case the Sentinel does not actively filter out every one of those before mentioned activities we have created the ability for you, the COUPON CONNECT subscriber, to participate in observing and reporting such activities.  The COUPON CONNECT Network actively rewards those subscribers who detect those instances that might slip by the Sentinel.  When the COUPON CONNECT Networks were created the concept of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness was a much treasured guideline.  Harmful actions have no place in our environment and we actively seek your help in keeping COUPON CONNECT a happy place.

Thank you for keeping the COUPON CONNECT Networks safe while you live, play and prosper!